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Cardston Parade Evanlgelism

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August 6, 2022

8:30am – 12:00pm

Category: Evangelism
We have been invited to a parade in Cardston on Saturday August 6th. There is a small baptist church that meets out there, and the pastor out there is hoping we can give them a hand representing their church in Cardston. This is an opportunity to come alongside other believers to bring them some encouragement, as well as evangelism.

There's a couple parts to the plan: 

1. We could possibly go out Friday night for some time of fellowship and to meet others, while we get the float ready for the parade. Also, we are hoping to be able to distribute candy in the parade and want to staple some gospel tracts to the candy bags. If there's some interest to come out for this prep, please let me know and I can get in contact with Pastor Matthew- they talked about having a small cookout as well during this time. If a group wants to put some candy bags together beforehand, this could also be super helpful.

. There's also the parade and event day Saturday morning. The hope is to get a good spot in the parade which starts at 10, so this would involve getting lined up around 830-9am. It sounds like there's room for us to walk alongside the float, and help hand out candy and gospel tracts. I imagine there will be ample opportunities to share the Gospel, and pray for others. 

I want to be able to give Matt an estimated number of people that may come out. I am planning to go out with my family. If you can please email me, or text me and let me know your interest, I would appreciate it. 780 978 3725

After I get a number, and closer to the date, more information will come.

looking forward to serving Christ with you, as always, 


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