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Children's Sunday School


GCC wants to welcome you all to another year of Sunday school for our children! We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord works through this ministry.

We want to encourage you to bring your children to Sunday school. We want to encourage you to allow the opportunities for discipleship and learning to happen between teachers and students. We know that we as teachers need strength and grace to live in a manner worthy of the calling to which we have been called, to rightly divide the Word and to bring it forward to the children in a clear and understandable manner.

We will be gathering in the auditorium each week – in the first few front benches – so that we can begin with prayer and singing altogether. Start time for this is 9:20. This is for all children ages 6-18. Classes will start at 9:35. The youngest class will go directly to their room so that the signing in and settling in can be all in one location.

The class groupings for this year are as follows:

4/5 class – Caitlyn Friesen/Heather Wirzba/Tina Wolfe
            Room #3
            Sign in/sign out required
            Curriculum: He Established a Testimony (Old Testament narratives)
            *Note – 3 year old children are welcome in the class if a parent is present with them
6/7 class – Christina Case/Nonie DeGuzman
            Room #5 (entrance through the gym)
            Curriculum: The ABC’s of God

8-10 class – Annie Klassen/Nella Wolfe/Marvin & Willemina Heyboer
            Room #1 (far left south room)
            Curriculum: In the Beginning . . . Jesus

11-13 class – Dave & Shirley Wiens/Matt Chalupnicek/Hannah Koppert
            Room #2 (far right south room)
            Curriculum: Teach Me Your Way

14-18 class – Matt VanMaanen/Matt Wiens
            Room #4 (former library)
            Curriculum: Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology