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Preparing a Testimony

Preparing a Testimony


A testimony describes how God brought about the miracle of salvation in your life.  The focus of a testimony is on how God saved you. A strong, well thought-out testimony has several benefits.

- You remind yourself of how God brought you to saving faith. Writing your testimony forces you to dig into the past to recall the specific events and circumstances that led to the biggest transformation of your life.

- Your testimony, when carefully prepared, will be spiritually edifying and an encouragement to other church members. It will convey God’s grace in your life and cause others to rejoice with you.

- A well-prepared testimony can be used by the Holy Spirit to speak to the hearts and minds of unbelievers, perhaps causing them to investigate how they too can find forgiveness. Bible truths of how God saves, when addressed within your testimony, could lead to the conversion of others.  So, make the most of this potential opportunity.

Key points to address in your testimony should include the following:

1. What events led to your salvation; how did God get your attention

2. How did your conversion come about; by what means did God open your mind to the reality of Jesus Christ, the Gospel, what the cross accomplished for you, eternal life, . .

3. What Scriptures were influential in bringing you to faith and in guiding you in your new-found faith.

4. Which people, books, radio/television programs, or ministries were instrumental in your journey to fait.

5. What has changed in your life following your salvation

Testimonies portray how Jesus and the Gospel have transformed your life.  Thus, give a brief overview of your life in unbelief and rebellion against God, but more importantly how your life was radically changed when you were born again and filled with the Holy Spirit.  Finish off by telling us about God’s faithfulness in your present life and how He is leading you.  Tell us what affect abiding in Jesus Christ has in your life now.

To improve your testimony, and to make it more edifying and a greater blessing to others and the church, ask other godly people to review it and comment on it.