This fall, Pastor Ryan will be unpacking the book of Galatians for us.  Archaeological evidence indicates a combination of Hellenistic, Celtic, and Roman influences in the province of Paul's time.  Although there is wide debate as to which people in modern-day Turkey Paul was writing, we can be sure there is much to be gleaned for us today in these pages.

We will see how Christ's death has brought in a new age, and learn about how He fulfilled the Mosaic law.  In this new age, Christians are to live in the guidance and power of the Spirit, but what does this freedom mean when issues arise and we need to "bear one another's burdens"?

We would love you to join us for our 10:30 a.m. service as we work through the book of Galatians together, unpacking its rich and practical truths, especially as they point us to the true King of Israel and the nations, the Lord Jesus Christ (cf. Luke 24:44).



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